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The dynamic ERP
for packaging

Dynapack is an innovative platform that allows packaging companies to grow over time, providing them the essential tools for controlling their entire business. Starting from technical development, going through the commercial and purchasing departments, up to production and transport optimisation.

A team of specialists always ready to help you.

An Italian software designed to meet the needs of a constantly growing global market.

Specific applications developed for each company department interact with each other providing a detailed, even if general, picture of the entire business.

Critical issues are promptly identified for all company sectors as processes are constantly monitored and optimised, thus reducing errors and highlighting critical issues in real-time. Such management control provides real-time financial reports, thus allowing to make management changes to improve production and economic margins.

Thanks to the interaction between Betsoft analysts/programmers and our customers, our ERP continues to evolve. Therefore, we are able to offer a current, "dynamic" and user friendly software. Companies that choose Dynapack can count on constant and dedicated assistance and support, from the first contact and for the entire duration of the business relationship. The direct link to our team's experts ensures continuous improvements and the immediate solution of any business and software issue.

A constantly evolving software


A software that is able to increase and facilitate users' work, without ever giving the impression of being "complicated" or slow.


A software that meets users’ expectations.


A software that tolerates any hardware problems and that does not have malfunctions. In case of technical issues, the software will immediately notify our assistance service that will intervene asap.


A software interacting with existing operating systems in the best way and that, once installed, works on the entire system hardware without problems.

User friendly

A simple and intuitive software that is truly user friendly.

Customer satisfaction

A software that is pleasant to use, does not tire if used for a long time, with a smart and intuitive user interface.
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10 key functions
of Dynapack

1. Product datasheets
Dynapack provides a simple and intuitive way of managing all datasheet information on a single page, helping users to enter data consistent with each other. The correct detailing of the items to be produced is crucial to the proper management of the project within all company departments.
2. Order management
Dynapack is designed to meet all market requests and internal needs easily and intuitively. All types of orders (to suppliers, for internal and/or external production, shipping and/or transfer), as well as their progress, are just a click away. Such information allows to define the impact they will have on warehouses and logistics, anticipating their outcome.
3. Cost estimation
Dynapack allows users to create and compare various types of estimates, taking into account standard operating costs, thus helping management make informed decisions. The user can simulate a modification of the estimate when the main variable cost factors change and apply the desired margin.
4. Accounting for orders
Comparing a quotation, actual production and shipment data, allows to measure the performance and delays and to determine the areas needing constant improvement. Contribution margins, profitability and net profit are visible, tangible and presented by Dynapack for each item in your plant. The result of each company department is summarized on an easy and intuitive dashboard that makes it possible to measure the actual performance of the factory in real-time.
5. Warehouses
Dynapack manages the handling of goods for all types of materials and warehouses. Each item is traced from the raw material to the finished product, communicating with the production management system. This process guarantees that inventories and their related valuations are consistent with reality.
6. Logistics &
Dynapack allows you to manage and plan all shipments, helping users in choosing the best price list. The system also allows you to track returns, manage pallets and highlight any extra costs. Besides planning loads, the transportation module manages the warehouse allowing operators to pick up goods through an electronic device, consequently eliminating manual operations and paper use.
7. Raw materials
Each production batch creates a need for raw materials. In this regard, Dynapack allows grouping materials by type, thus providing a fast and precise picture of the supplies needed. The automation of EDI connections and email sending offers a direct link with suppliers. Having an itemized management of supplier orders and the warehouse status at your fingertips results in avoiding production stops and efficient material management.
8. DynaConnect
Dynapack is designed for real-time data exchange with any system already in the company or to be acquired in the future. The language and technology of our ERP is designed to perfectly integrate with finance systems, production schedulers, technical drawing systems and so on, also allowing users to interface with systems outside the company (customers' and suppliers' EDI).
9. E-commerce
Dynapack is not only an ERP system, but offers the possibility of creating an e-commerce module for your customers. How often do you receive requests for information on the delivery date of an order, details and available quantities of your items? Now you can offer a direct, safe and secure platform that customers can navigate to calculate costs and even carry out reorders directly. With Dynapack e-commerce all this is possible.
10. Reports
Dynapack displays the information requested in a simple, intuitive and effective way. Charts, trends, indicators and analyses support users in carrying out their daily activities in the best possible way and help them to make informed and crucial decisions for the health of their company.

"Each project is a new challenge to create something unique“

For any further information about the software, don't esitate to contact us.



Managing and optimizing the entire production cycle.
  • Dynamism: the company's financial situation in real-time.
  • Modularity.

  • A complete system that manages the entire production cycle.
  • It can be integrated with other software.
  • Process automation.

  • Fewer errors.

  • Information centralization and optimization.
  • The support of a team of experts for management and customization.


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